Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Providing a range of behavioral health services for neurodiverse populations

Clinical Case Consultation

Providing clinical case consultation to behavior analysts and mental health practitioners

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Supervision

Offering supervision to certified behavior analysts looking to advance their clinical skills

“Connecting Research and Practice”

Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Wilson Behavioral Services provides a range of behavioral health services for neurodiverse populations.

Direct service provision is available through individual, group, and family options for individuals struggling with:

  • Socio-emotional dysregulation and co-occurring mental health conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety)
  • Severe challenging behavior
  • Attention deficits or impulsivity
  • Behavioral or process addictions including disordered gambling and video/Internet gaming
  • Substance abuse or misuse
  • School services—school consultation, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), education due process case consultation

FAQ Related to Autism and Related Disorders

Do you take insurance?

No, all services are provided based on a sliding scale. Contact Wilson Behavioral Services for more information on payment options and prices. 

What kinds of concerns do clients bring to Wilson Behavioral Services?

At Wilson Behavioral Services, we provide services to children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of presenting concerns. Some clients may want to talk about issues such as academic stress, relationship issues, substance use, or misuse. Other times, we work with children and their parents on daily life skills, morning, and bedtime routines, adjusting to school life, etc. Our therapists bring diverse and well-rounded experiences to Wilson Behavioral Services.

How should I make the most of my experience with Wilson Behavioral Services?

Before starting with Wilson Behavioral Services, it might be helpful to identify ideas or areas that you would like to address or focus on. Typically, the first session will include paperwork, so be ready to spend 15-20 minutes filling out assessments and questions related to your mental health history, family history, and goals for working with Wilson Behavioral Services.

When you start working with Wilson Behavioral Services, it is important to regularly attend sessions and be prepared for each session. It is also important to be open and honest with your consultant about your personal goals and if treatment is working for you.

How does services provided by Wilson Behavioral Services differ from other behavioral agencies?

At Wilson Behavioral Services, we ensure that all our consultants are doctorate level and/or dual credentialed. All consultants have extra training experience and an emphasis on evidence-based treatment. Differences include consultant expertise and training exposure, treatment modalities used with clients (i.e mindfulness-based interventions, acceptance and commitment therapy), and whole-person approaches to treatment.

What if my child’s school already has a behavior analyst on staff? Can I still request Wilson Behavioral Services?

Yes, even if your child’s school already has a behavior analyst, Wilson Behavioral Services can assist with individualized education plans including analyzing current plans, attending IEP meetings, and working with you and your child on alternative approaches.  

Clinical Case Consultation

Wilson Behavioral Services provides clinical case consultation to other behavior analyst and mental health practitioners, including:

    • Case conceptualization strategies
    • In-depth and specialized assessment and treatment planning for complex behaviors
    • Provide specialized training and coaching using clinical behavior analysis (i.e., acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based behavior therapy, etc.)
    • Assist with program evaluation and using data in clinical practice

FAQ Related to Clinical Case Consultation

Do you offer group consultation?

Yes, we can provide consultation for multiple practitioners in a group format. 

I am not a behavior analyst. Do I need to be to access clinical case consultation?

No, Wilson Behavioral Services provides case consultation to non-behavior analysts. 

I need coaching in general, not for a specific client. Do you offer these services?

Yes, we provide consultation for general behavioral health service provision across a range of disciplines.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Supervision

Wilson Behavioral Services offers supervision to certified behavior analyst looking to advance their clinical skills across the following areas:

    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Mindfulness-based behavioral interventions
    • Functional Analysis (experimental, analogue, naturalistic)
    • Staff training

FAQ Related to Board Certified Behavior Analyst Supervision

Do you provide practicum supervision?

No, we do not provide practicum supervision for assistant or master’s level behavior analysts.

Do you provide continuing education units for BCBA supervision?

No, Wilson Behavioral Services does not provide continuing education for supervision. Supervision is provided to behavior analysts looking for additional support with adding new therapeutic interventions or those looking to expand their experience with specific populations.

How do I request a specific consultant?

You can always request a specific consultant, and we will try and accommodate you.

How much supervision do I need before using ACT in my practice?

This depends on the individual behavior analyst. At Wilson Behavioral Services, we believe that attending one workshop or taking a class or two on ACT may not be sufficient to practice with integrity. Our ACT supervision includes assessing your skills and providing targeted coaching and assistance with case consultation. Most ACT supervision packages are developed as monthly or bi-monthly meetings for at least four months.

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