CalABA 2024 Conference Presenter

February 8-10, 2024

Dr. Paula Danquah-Brobby and Dr. Alyssa N. Wilson

Workshop Abstract: We live in a world that is immensely diverse across cultures, values, identities, and lived experiences. However, we continually utilize behavior analytic technologies rooted in cultural homogeneity, with whiteness as the default or standard. As a field committed to improving socially significant behaviors, it is time to reconsider this approach and turn towards decolonizing our training practices, to become more culturally responsive practitioners. The current didactic workshop seeks to reconsider common approaches to training practices (i.e., staff, parents/caregivers, ABA students, BCBA supervisees) through a cultural responsivity lens across three topic areas. First, historical context and background on cultural homogeneity and European settler colonial culture will be discussed wherein attendees will learn about privilege, entitlement and “othering” through an analysis of meta- and macro-contingencies. Next, cultural identity and values will be explored across different contexts. Finally, attendees will learn assessment considerations and specifics for how to make culturally responsive adaptations to training programs. By the end of the workshop, attendees will gain a better understanding of their own intersectional identities, histories, and privileges; become more familiar with relevant meta- and macro-contingencies that contribute to othering and exclusion within the field; and receive specific skills to create culturally responsive adaptations to their training programs. This workshop requires an intermediate level of behavior analytic knowledge. Attendees will engage in active participation when learning how to apply workshop content to cross-cultural examples.

2024 CCPG Statewide Conference West

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

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